The "Battle" of Lexington leaves eight men dead and ten wounded, most whose names and stories have faded. From the Lexington Common I tell you why so few minutes made all the difference.
Follow me from Boston's North End down Battle Road to Paul Revere's date with destiny and learn how he got an assist from a little-known man of freedom…
We start where the American Revolution really began, setting the stage for the great events of 1775 that unlocked the destination of this great nation.
I did not run the 4-hour marathon I hoped for, but I have excuses! And I continue to draw inspiration from amazing greats like Meb Keflezighi and Paula…
I can't run a 4-minute mile (and I bet you can't either) but I can learn from record-shattering runners how to persist in the face of obstacles to run…
I begin my journey into the world of sports, a world I am completely ignorant of.
Where we unpack what this commonly used term means to find that it isn't true
And if some are, is that a good or bad thing?
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